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Steelmaking: Electric Arc Furnace

Modeling of steel bar melting process in an experimental induction furnace


  • Mr. Chenn ZHOU

Primary authors


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The steel scrap melting rate in an electric arc furnace (EAF) is directly related to energy consumption and furnace productivity. In this paper, the melting time of steel bars of varying size in a liquid steel bath has been predicted using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation. A three-dimensional CFD model has been developed with detailed consideration of fluid flow and the melting process. An enthalpy-porosity technique is applied, using ANSYS Fluent to model the scrap melting process. The simulation results are in good agreement with experimental data on both the steel bar melting profile and the melting time. The model can be applied to investigate the flow characteristics, temperature field and scrap melting process in the steel bath during the EAF operation.