25-28 September 2018
Schloss Schönbrunn
Europe/Vienna timezone
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Contribution Oral Presentation

Schloss Schönbrunn - Room 1 - Maria Theresia

Modeling inner phenomena of self-reducing agglomerates under external inert gas atmosphere


  • Prof. Jose Adilson CASTRO

Primary authors



The self-reducing phenomena has been explored with the aim of improving the reducing velocity of agglomerates during hot metal production. The inner phenomena taking place in the agglomerates, however, are still controversial and further studies are demanded. In this paper we proposed a detailed mechanism taking place within the agglomerates during the solid-gas self-reducing step. In order to study the inner phenomena, a comprehensive mathematical model is proposed which takes into account the gas inner flow and chemical species transport, with heat supply using inert external atmosphere. The detailed mechanism taking into account gas and solid reactions are discussed and the controlling mechanisms of heat and mass transport are discussed in light of the coupled reactions mechanism. The results are obtained experimentally using isothermal runs and numerically to fit the experimental data and inversely determine the kinetic parameters of the proposed model. It is found that the heat transfer process is the controlling mechanism for the self-reducing step with deficit of carbon at lower temperatures while at high temperatures the mass controlling mechanism plays important role.