25-28 September 2018
Schloss Schönbrunn
Europe/Vienna timezone
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Contribution Oral Presentation


Comparison of different blast furnace operation modes


  • Hans-Bodo LÜNGEN

Primary authors



The blast furnace is worldwide the dominant metallic product supplier for crude steel production. It has reached an extreme high technological standard with large efficiency and low reductant rates. Independently from the fact that the blast furnace has nearly reached its theoretical minimum in energy consumption it enables the operators a wide range of operation modes with a high flexibility.

This varies depending on regional and other circumstances in manifold possibilities regarding ferrous burden structure, reductant rates like use and amount of auxiliary reductants and coke rates, productivity levels and oxygen injection rates and the durability in blast furnace campaigns. One aspect are the requirements on the quality of ferrous burden materials and blast furnace coke.

Amongst these items the report also discusses single blast furnace highlights and points out the possible future survival of this process under the given political discussions on CO2 mitigation.