Scientific Programme

Key features of the joint event

  • Solidification processes and solidification science
  • Limited attendance (round 200 participants) to provide an optimal atmosphere for exchanges
  • To the utmost extent bring together expertise from both modeling and experimental researches in the field of solidification
  • 3 parallel sessions, international attendance, duration of 4 days, and UNESCO World Heritage city of Salzburg
  • Solidification fundamentals
    (thermodynamics, nucleation, crystal growth kinetics, coarsening, mushy zone, fragmentation, etc.)
  • Modeling and simulation
    (analytical and numerical models, numerical methods, verification and validation of models)
  • Solidification observations
    (advanced microscopy, electron beam analysis, transparent organic analogues, X-ray tomography, confocal scanning laser microscope, imaging and analysis)
  • Solidification processing
    (continuous casting, shape casting, ingot, directional solidification, rapid solidification, semi-solid processing, welding, additive manufacturing, solidification/remelting under imposed electromagnetic or high magnetic fields, etc.)
  • Structural/compositional heterogeneity and other solidification accompanying phenomena
    (columnar-to-equiaxed transition, micro- and macrosegregation, cavity and porosity, hot tearing, non-metallic inclusions, stress-strain and deformation, etc.)