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Process simulation and modelling

Thermo-electric model for EAF using DRI as Charge:



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An Optimization model for mass and energy balance has been developed including all the metallurgical and electrical variable parameters influencing the EAF using DRI as charge. Energy required for melting a DRI based charge is dependent on the type of DRI i.e Coal based or Gas based. It also depends on the Metallization along with the Carbon %, gangue and FeO content. During melting of DRI, energy is also consumed for melting the fluxes, heat losses in the flue gases, losses in electrical circuits, cooling panels, etc.

A lot of work has been done in research to provide the optimum mass and energy balance.

This work is further enhancing the optimum energy balance calculations by considering those variables which were difficult to be incorporated in the earlier models due to the complexity involved. This model makes use of off-gas measurement (ratio of CO/CO2 and the temperature)

The result of this model will provide EAF Operator the optimum electrical power input (by controlling the Tap/Curve combination) & chemical energy input (by controlling the Oxygen & Carbon flow rate) at different stages of melting by considering the critical factors like power factor, basicity, CO formation, Carbon required, de-carburization rate at respective stages of melting.

This model significantly helps in estimating the energy consumed for a given metallic charge as well as for the optimization of raw materials, electrical energy, production time, refractory life and thereby the production costs.

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