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Some insights on interdiffusion in the magnesiowustite solid solution under the conditions of the novel flash ironmaking technology (FIT)


  • Dr. Rahul SARKAR

Primary authors



Recent work by the authors on the interaction of MgO-14.5 wt.% C refractory with Fe/FeO under the conditions of the novel flash ironmaking technology (FIT) developed in the University of Utah showed the formation of a magnesiowustite ((Fe,Mg)O) solid solution. In this work, interdiffusion in the (Fe,Mg)O solid solution has been discussed by analysing the experimental data for two different cases viz. the Fe-MgO-C and the FeO-MgO-C interactions. Kinetics models for each of these cases have been developed based on the counterdiffusion of Fe2+ and Mg2+ cations in the (Fe,Mg)O solid solution. Using the kinetics models and the experimentally determined composition profiles obtained from EPMA, the interdiffusion coefficient (D_(Fe-Mg)) has been determined as function of composition using the Boltzman-Matano analysis. Also, an average value of the interdiffusion coefficient (D ̅_(Fe-Mg)) has been calculated such that it reasonably reproduces the concentration profiles of both cations. The interdiffusion phenomenon was a thermally activated process, as expected, with an activation energy of 375 kJ/mol.

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