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Shipping and logistics of DRI

Handling and Transportation of DRI: Safety First


  • Mr. Chris BARRINGTON

Primary authors


As the industry association for the Ore-based Metallics industry IIMA is very much concerned with the safe handling and transportation of DRI. With the expected growth in DRI production and shipment as part of the pathway to carbon-neutral steel production, it is important that best practice in this area is shared as widely as possible. The presentation will cover the regulatory framework governing the international shipping of DRI in all its forms (DRI, HBI and DRI fines), together with the main practices and precautions necessary to address the inherent hazards of DRI, from production site to final destination. With NGO consultative status at the International Maritime Organisation, IIMA is able to participate in the development and implementation of maritime regulations. The presentation will also examine the regulatory roadmap for new forms of DRI that may come to market in the coming months and years.

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