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Challenges along the Pathway for Leaving Carbon behind


  • Dr. Alesander FLEISCHANDERL

Primary authors


Steel industry accounts for a substantial share of our global carbon footprint. To date this hard-to-abate industry requires still a significant amount of carbon for reduction and heating purpose.

The target of the Industry is to achieve latest by 2050 an 80% carbon emission reduction vs. the 1990 baseline. Some major industry players target even a climate neutrality at earlier dates. Technologically possible, but the uncertainty regarding commercial feasibility remains high. Today’s widely untapped potential for process integration pathways along the iron production routes to minimize carbon intensity will be discussed, not missing CCU bio-chemistry as an alternative pathway to support the industries goal.

Also, mid- and long-term ironmaking transformation concepts will be challenged considering green hydrogen as the hope of the industry. If such hope become reality does depend on several factors which shall be discussed. Beside hydrogen also the expectation for processes utilizing mainly electric energy are ambitious. Can direct steelmaking with electrons as reductant become truth and what are the remaining road blocks. A situation report on molten oxide electrolysis will be shared. Steel, one of the Hard-to-Abate Industries will manage also this challenge and transform over the next decades into a green role model.

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