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Complexity of innovation systems in the future digital world

Innovation at voestalpine


  • Dr. Franz ANDROSCH

Primary authors


A successful innovation starts with an idea and ends up as a product on the market. Sounds simple, but turns out to be very complex when implemented.
A few important principles are basic for our innovation process. We keep to our strategy. Company management stands fully behind R&D. We have a clear plan, road maps, where all R&D-topics are recorded and monitored. We have a stage-gate-process for innovation, beginning in the preliminary area which is rather fuzzy and then becoming more and more precise towards market implementation. Especially in the preliminary research phase, we put an emphasis on creativity. New ideas need enough time and space to grow, requiring a company culture of team spirit and openness. With our decentralized R&D and with strong interactions to our own processes and products, selected customers and long-term cooperation with scientific partners, we recognize new possibilities and developments bottom-up at an early stage. Success occurs when all relevant business functions are considered and integrated in the innovation process.